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turbocharger fault
finding in Portsmouth

Finding what's wrong with a faulty component is not only critical but also half the job of fixing it. At Express Turbos Ltd we deploy several proven processes and modern tools for precise diagnosis of all types of turbochargers. 

Reliable turbo fault finding

Turbo failure can be one of the most disheartening situation for passionate motorists and daily commuters alike. With an eye for detail and proficient understanding of these mechanical components, our turbo specialists at Express Turbos Ltd are able to precisely determine the cause of any turbo failure so appropriate action can be taken to fix it. With a combination of traditional processes and modern computer aided tools, we carryout turbocharger faultfinding with high standards of workmanship. We are based in Portsmouth and offer our services throughout the UK.
turbo fault finding

Components and symptoms checked for an effective fault finding include

  • Lubrication leakages and seals
  • Foreign objects entering via turbine or compressor inlets
  • Reduced pressure and efficiency of the compressor
  • Boost gauge analysis
  • Exhaust gas analysis
  • Visual inspection
Based on the results of diagnostics, we then undertake turbo repairs or turbo replacements.
Lubrication leakages
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